Rewriting Financial Rules, LLC

Empowerment Through Education 

Here at Rewriting Financial Rules, LLC in Conyers, Georgia, there are two ways through which I can help my clients. First is through my book, Rewriting Financial Rules, written to equip the average American with the knowledge he or she needs to navigate the world of credit repair. Some of the topics discussed in this book are:

  • What Is Credit Repair?
  • What Is the Importance of Credit Repair?
  • Who Are the Top 10 Credit Repair Companies?
  • Self-Repairing Strategies
  • Three Progressive Strategies to Rebuild or Boost Your Credit Score
  • Protecting Yourself Against Predatory Practices in the American Financial Sector

Credit Repair Services

I help clients fix bad credit and dispute errors on their credit reports. Why is this important? A Federal Trade commission study reports that one in five consumers have an error on their credit reports, and inaccuracies such as this may be impacting your credit score. I can also help victims of identity theft. 

I will clear inaccurate or unverifiable credit items in your reports, clean your records and provide you with consumer protection strategies. My goal is not only to help you, but to equip you with knowledge that will enable you to protect yourself.

My book can be obtained by purchase through the below links: Thanks for the support.

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